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Weekly Meditation Classes

Mindfulness meditation is a scientifically validated intervention for stress and improving resilience.
weekly yoga classes

Weekly Yoga Classes

Our experienced yoga professionals lead staff through a customized class to reduce physical and mental tension.
Clinician Resilience


Burnout is a pervasive problem facing health care professionals. We can help.
stress reduction

Stress Relief Workshop

Participants learn a variety of useful tools to implement for greater well-being
chair massage

One on One Sessions

Working one on one with a yoga or meditation professional is a wonderful way to work towards your specific goals. Offered in person or on Zoom.
safety Meetings

Safety Meeting

Tired of planning your next safety meeting? Let us help.
Presentation/Staff Meeting

Presentations /
Staff Meetings

Informational sessions at staff meeting or retreats can be a great way to introduce wellness topics.
training for trainers

Train the Trainer

Meditation training so that your selected staff members can skillfully facilitate sessions.

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From mindfulness and yoga to safety meetings and staff retreats we can help you make wellness a part of your company culture.

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