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Build wellness from the inside

Onsite and virtual wellness programs designed to support a company’s most valuable resource.

Why Choose Work Well NW

We have been calming minds and toning bodies for over 15 years. We specialize in customizing programs designed to lower workplace stress, improve employee satisfaction, reduce burnout, and foster staff camaraderie.

When leveraged as an employee benefit, our programs help HR Directors and Managers with employee recruitment, retention, and engagement.
Our extensively trained staff can help your employees go from just surviving to thriving.



weekly office yoga and meditation

Weekly Meditation or Yoga Classes

Effective self-care requires consistency. We offer weekly, evidence-based meditation or yoga classes to support your staff in creating a wellness routine.

Chair meditation

Train the Trainer

Build a sustainable program that creates a culture of well-being and models self-care habits. Your staff members are trained and supported in instructing classes for colleagues, building wellness from the inside out.

Professional Development Presentation

Professional Development Presentation

The first step towards improving well-being is education and assessment. We will offer a comprehensive presentation on evidence-based practices that support physical and mental wellbeing.

one one one training

One-to-One Training

Whether wanting to address a specific goal or practice at a time that works best for them, some employees prefer the option of working one on one with a wellness professional.


The instructors at Work Well NW have been fabulous to work with. They have provided many onsite yoga and mindfulness classes to our employees at Multicare and we continue to receive positive feedback from our employees who participate in these classes. Through the instruction and guidance of the Work Well NW instructors, our employees are feeling better and using the skills they learn in these classes both at work and in their everyday lives.

Taryn West Healthy@Work Wellness Program Manager MultiCare Health System

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corporate wellness company benefits

What if your workplace was healing?

– Increased productivity and efficiency
– Improved team camaraderie
Loyalty to company management
– Low-cost employee benefit with proven health advantages
– Reputation as a company with a work-life balance

Employee Benefits

– Greater mental clarity
– Increased focus and concentration
– Improved decision-making skills
– Health benefits may include: decreased stress, reduction in severity and frequency of headaches, reduced chronic low-back pain symptoms and increased energy

Employee Benefits

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